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EU referendum

EU referendum

Vote to Leave the EU!

Thursday 2 June 2016 19:30

CPBML Public Meeting, Thursday 2 June, 7.30pm

Brockway Room, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

With the referendum only weeks away, the people of Britain are making up their minds. At stake is our future as a sovereign industrial nation.

Come and discuss how. All welcome.

EU: no answer to unemployment

15 April 2016

Unemployment is endemic to capitalism and to all capitalist states. It remains high within the EU; remaining in will not change that.

Grassroots Out Glasgow rally

Thursday 7 April 2016 19:00 to 21:00

7 April 2016, 7 pm

Hunter Halls, University of Glasgow, 
University Avenue, Glasgow  G128 QQ

With speakers Nigel Farage MEP, Dr Liam Fox, Peter Bone MP, Eddie McGuire (trade unionist), Mike Gold (CAEF), David Coburn and Brendan Chilton with more to be announced.

German rail takes over Northern services

2 April 2016

Rail union RMT members hoisted the German flag over Newcastle Central station on 1 April, the day that German state railway operator Deutsche Bahn took over Northern rail services.

Housing at the mercy of speculators and the EU

25 March 2016

The government is running down social housing intending to prime the market for foreign takeover. Fearing that Britain may exit the EU, speculators are already leaping into the property scrum.

Farmers march for a future

23 March 2016

Farmers from all over the UK marched to Downing Street on Wednesday 23 March to demand a future for British farming.

Trade gap with EU widens

14 March 2016

 The latest round of trade figures issued last week dramatically underlined the reality behind Britain’s unequal trade with the European Union.

CPBML launches Leave! page

23 February 2016

The CPBML today announced a new web resource, cpbml.org.uk/leave – a dedicated page laying out the arguments for a Leave vote in the referendum set for 23 June.

Vote to leave, trade unionists urged

14 February 2016

Trade unionists have every reason to vote to leave the EU – despite of the view of the TUC and a number of their member unions. This was the theme of a lively meeting held by the CPBML at Conway Hall in London on 11 February.

EU referendum: first moves

13 September 2015

A referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU will happen by the end of 2017. There’s no chance of the EU restoring powers to Britain beforehand and no prospect of a revised treaty. 

Yes to Britain, no to the EU

This Party is for the union of England, Scotland and Wales in Britain. We are against separatism, because for a part of the British working class to leave Britain is not independence but secession, splitting. We are for Britain’s unity. We are also for Ireland’s unity.

SNP seeks EU referendum veto

30 October 2014

Having failed to deliver Scotland bound and gagged into the hands of the European Union through the “independence” referendum, the Scottish National Party is now trying to ensure that the whole of Britain will be locked forever in to the Brussels embrace.