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No trade deal for EU and Canada

24 October 2016

Belgium cannot sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, the EU’s proposed trade deal with Canada because of opposition from local elected bodies. That may block the whole deal.


Desperate Greens spread TTIP fantasy

14 June 2016

While US and EU leaders call for accelerated talks on TTIP, some Green politicians are seeking to deny that a Leave vote is the surest way to defeat the planned treaty.

1: Take it or leave it

In theory, TiSA (and TTIP) can be stopped by just one member state saying no, or even by the European Parliament. It has to be approved by all 28 member state governments (the European Council) and, probably, by all 28 national parliaments.

Vote to leave, trade unionists urged

14 February 2016

Trade unionists have every reason to vote to leave the EU – despite of the view of the TUC and a number of their member unions. This was the theme of a lively meeting held by the CPBML at Conway Hall in London on 11 February.

No advance without Marxism

13 February 2016

Political statement from the Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist, 17th Congress, London, November 2015. There can be no advance without Marxism, because Marx showed that only the eventual victory of the exploited class, the working class, represents a real future. Capitalism means only destruction and war.  Here in Britain, we need our own unique vision of a working class future in order to fight and win in the present.

TTIP - the mask slips

18 October 2015

“I do not take my mandate from the European people,” said EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström in an interview when challenged about the extent of opposition to the transatlantic trade treaty.

TTIP vote in balance

5 June 2015

With the European Parliament scheduled to meet for an important vote on TTIP on 10 June, MEPs are showing signs of panic and switching positions from day to day – as pressure from the peoples of Europe builds.

Pressure grows on TTIP deal

19 May 2015

It’s been a bad month for TTIP, and things could soon get even worse for those pushing the transatlantic trade deal. Lawmakers in the EU and the US are having second thoughts.

TTIP 'danger to environment', say MPs

15 March 2015

​A report from MPs says proposals in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty pose dangers for the environment, animal welfare and public health in Europe.

EU tries again on trade deal

22 February 2015

A worried EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström paid a visit to London on 16 February. The successful signing off of TTIP is a priority for Malmström’s boss, EU president Jean-Claude Juncker, but he has handed her a poisoned chalice.

Brussels in retreat after TTIP consultation

22 January 2015

Last week Brussels finally released the devastating results of its online consultation on investor-to-state dispute settlement in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement – and is now struggling to maintain its position.