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Ticket office victory

2 November 2023

The government has scrapped plans to close rail ticket offices in the face of overwhelming opposition from rail workers and passengers – a victory for people power.

Sign of the times – people care: a reader writes

8 September 2023

We received this letter from a Workers reader in east London about a recent shopping trip. Although it was a novel experience, this may be happening around Britain more often than we realise. The challenge is how not let this go to waste – to act and not just grumble.

Woolwich Ferry workers steam to big victory

30 March 2023

Workers on the Woolwich ferry services across the River Thames have won a hard-fought victory in a struggle which started with the now discredited Briggs Marine, and continued with Transport for London when it took over in January 2021.

Transport in the North - what's to be done?

Monday 27 March 2023 19:30

Monday 27 March, 7.30pm

Britons Protection, 50 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester M1 5LE

Promises of improvement to rail, bus and other transport in northern England have been legion. The reality is decline. Only workers can change that. Come and share your thoughts.

All welcome. Free entry.

Red Funnel workers in dispute

15 August 2022

Ferry Workers on Red Funnel Isle of Wight routes are fighting for better pay with a series strikes throughout August.

RMT fights government assault on London Transport

5 March 2022

With staff facing the prospect of job cuts along with a degraded pension provision as part of a wider attack on working conditions, over 10,000 RMT London Underground members in all grades took strike action on 1 and 3 March.

South Yorkshire bus workers win big pay rises

15 January 2022

More than 560 Stagecoach bus workers in South Yorkshire have won a 10.7 per cent pay increase from May after walking out on indefinite strike following the company’s refusal to improve its pay offer.

London Transport: the big battle begins

15 December 2021

London Transport union RMT has begun balloting over 10,000 members after Transport for London refused to give assurances on jobs, pensions and conditions in the midst of an ongoing financial crisis driven by central government. 

Save the capital's transport!

15 December 2021

The planned government assault on the London’s transport system demands above all a collective response, and not just from transport unions.