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Doctors progress with focus on pay

10 July 2024

Doctors have kept their focus on pay, making significant progress. They have not been diverted by the change of government; settlement for junior hospital doctors in England is a priority.

Hacking threatens health

25 June 2024

A cyberattack on outsourced testing services in London has significantly affected patients. Resources for IT security do not match the risks of future attacks.

Junior doctors to strike before election

30 May 2024

The junior doctors’ long-running pay dispute is still not resolved. In the absence of a credible offer they are returning to strike action ahead of the general election.

Physiotherapists’ first-time strike

16 February 2023

Physiotherapists and support workers at over 60 NHS Trusts across England began a rolling programme of strikes on 26 January in pursuit of their pay claim – the first time they have ever taken strike action.


Deadly consequences of failure to treat early

28 January 2023

A major study shows that the rush to prevent deaths from Covid-19 raised the risk of dying from the more well known killers of undiagnosed high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Surgeons take the initiative

22 December 2022

The idea of separating emergency and elective (planned) care is not new but the genuine determination to improve services after the Covid pandemic has given this impetus.

Maternity wards close in Wales

17 May 2022

Expectant mothers in South Wales face uncertainty about midwifery services. Fine words from the health board aren't going to help.

The return of breast screening units

20 February 2021

Most breast screening programmes in Britain were paused in March 2020 because of Covid-19. Screening has since restarted, but there’s much to be done as almost a million women have missed mammograms.