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More jobs to be filled from abroad

30 May 2019

The government appears to be ploughing on with plans to denude countries that need their highly skilled workers more than we do rather than train our own here.

People smuggling and profit

6 January 2019

People smuggling across the Channel is increasing. Tiny dinghies crossing busy shipping put lives at risk. It’s lucrative – crime bosses saying that it is more profitable than smuggling drugs.

Migration statistics in turmoil

31 March 2016

One set of official statistics suggests that around 1.6 million EU citizens came to Britain between 2006 and 2014 – but another set suggests the figure could be a million higher.

Refugees: how to create a crisis

29 September 2015

NATO governments are scheming to win support for intervening in Syria – using the refugees to create chaos in Europe and provide the excuse for an illegal war.

U-turn as Germany closes borders

19 September 2015

Germany wants to dictate immigration policy to Europe – and it is causing chaos across the continent. On 13 September Merkel had to introduce temporary border controls.